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Safety ABC

  • Event
    Zero Injury Week

    On April 28, as part of the events to hold the “zero injury week”, as well as the World Day of Occupational Safety, the head of the Department of Hygiene and Labor of the State Institution “Novopolotsk City Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology” Spirkov Alexander Nikolayevich visited the enterprise with a lecture “Healthy and safe working conditions”.

    During the lecture, the main regulatory documents in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population were announced, the issues of prevention and prevention of drunkenness, alcoholism in the framework of the implementation of Directive No. 1 were highlighted, the main violations of labor protection at the enterprises of the city were announced.

  • Event
    Danger of burning dry grass and liability

    With the advent of spring, widespread dry grass burns begin, which cause serious damage to the environment, the Ministry of Emergency Situations states. As a result of such actions, the natural balance is disturbed, and burnings can lead to large-scale fires in forests and peat bogs.

    Statistics show that the vast majority of fires due to fallen dry grass are caused by people, and only 5–10% of fires in ecosystems occur due to meteorological conditions.

    Since a significant part of the burning of dry grass in the spring is done with good intentions, it makes sense to mention the apparent benefits of such arson and compare it with the harm caused by grass burns.

    The main argument of the proponents of burning last year's grass is that it enriches it with ash, as a result of which grass appears faster and grows better in the burnt areas.

    Experts assure that the ash left after grass burning does not affect the improvement of soil quality in any way, since nitrogen compounds are lost (the main part of the bound nitrogen stored in vegetation is released into the atmosphere, becoming inaccessible to the vast majority of plants).

    The mineral elements contained in the ash are converted into a soluble form and easily leave with surface and ground waters. Only a small part of them is absorbed by plants.

    After a grass fire, only grasses that reproduce by rhizomes, like wheatgrass, sprout again. And these are the real weeds, which are not very suitable even for livestock feed. Honey flowers, cultivated herbs, which are readily eaten by domestic animals in the composition of hay, propagate by seeds, and the seeds burn out when the grass is burned.

    The combustion process is accompanied by the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, oxygen burns. The fire burns the remains of fertilizers and pesticides, forming volatile toxic organic and inorganic compounds. When grass is burned along roads, air pollution with heavy metals occurs.

    As a result of burning dry grass, the species composition of meadow vegetation and wildlife is depleted. Wherever the fires have passed, there will no longer be the former herbs, weeds will seize the vacated territory.

    Invertebrates, insects, frogs, lizards and other animals perish in the fire of the burns. Burning dry grass causes the death of clutches and nesting sites of such birds as mallard, lapwing, reed and common bunting, field, forest and crested larks, meadow pipit. The nesting period of these birds begins just in early April.


    In this regard, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations remind of responsibility: illegal burning of dry vegetation, grasses on the vine, as well as stubble and crop residues in the fields or failure to take measures to eliminate burns on land plots entails a fine of 10 to 30 basic units. Now - from 320 to 960 rubles.

  • Event
    Единый день безопасности дорожного движения пройдет 28 января

    27 января, Минск /Корр. БЕЛТА/. В Беларуси 28 января пройдет Единый день безопасности дорожного движения под девизом "Вместе - за безопасность на дорогах", сообщили БЕЛТА в ГУГАИ МВД.

    Профилактические мероприятия в этот день будут направлены на пропаганду соблюдения правил безопасного поведения на дороге, формирование правовой культуры и правопослушного поведения всех участников дорожного движения.

    "Повышенное внимание сотрудники ГАИ уделят разъяснению правил безопасного участия в дорожном движении в зимних условиях, особенностей перехода проезжей части, в том числе в условиях недостаточной видимости и при гололедице, напомнят взрослым и детям об опасности игр вблизи проезжей части, правилах выбора мест для катания на санках и тюбингах", - рассказали в ведомстве.


    В Беларуси по итогам 2021 года в сравнении 2020-м зарегистрировано снижение количества дорожно-транспортных происшествий с пострадавшими в них на 7,4% (с 3579 до 3333 человек), также количество погибших на 9,7% (с 569 до 519) и раненых на 4,6% (с 3 577 до 3 561).

    "В целом по республике снизилось одновременно количество ДТП, погибших и раненых в них людей по вине нетрезвых водителей, лиц, не имеющих права управления транспортными средствами, а также пешеходов. Наряду с этим сократилось число раненых в ДТП по вине водителей мототранспорта, а также ДТП, погибших и раненых - по вине велосипедистов", - добавили в ГУГАИ МВД.

    Источник: БЕЛТА

  • Event
    On September 1, the action "Single Day of Safety" starts in Belarus

    The action "One Day of Safety" will be held throughout the country from September 1 to 10. These days, targeted preventive measures will take place to prevent emergencies, offenses and crimes, as well as training in behavior in emergencies, accidents, and first aid.
    The tasks of the "Single Day of Safety" are the development of a culture of life safety in society, carrying out educational work with the younger generation and promoting safe living conditions for the population.
    Within the framework of the "Single Safety Day" there will be open days, exhibitions, preventive actions, talks in labor collectives and other events.

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