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Working hours:
Mon-Fri 8.00-12.00, 12.30-16.30
211440, Novopolotsk Zavodskoy passage, 32
The department provides the following standardization services:
  • 01.
    Provision of official editions of TNLA / ND (Gosstandart, Ministry of Construction and Architecture, Ministry of Transport, etc.)
  • RUE "Polotsk CSMS" has the right to officially distribute TNLA / ND in accordance with an agreement with the research and production republican enterprise "Belarusian State Institute for Standardization and Certification" (BelGISS).
  • We distribute the official publications of the State Standard:
    • technical regulations of the Republic of Belarus, the Eurasian Economic Union (TR EAEU (CU) and lists to TR EAEU (CU)
    • state standards (STB, GOST, RMG, etc.), changes to them (including in the field of architectural, urban planning and construction activities of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture)
    • technical codes of good practice, etc.
  • The procedure for acquiring official publications of TNLA:
    • The customer draws up an application (free form indicating the details and contacts) and sends it to the address: Proezd Zavodskoy, 32, 211440, Novopolotsk, by fax (0214) 51-98-46 or to the email address , or viber +375 29 8999708. We also accept applications by phone (0214) 51-98-46 / +375 29 8999708 orally form
    • In accordance with the application, an invoice is issued or sent by mail in 1 copy for payment. The execution of work on the manufacture of TNLA / ND begins after the applicant informs about the payment
    • To obtain TNLA / ND, you must provide a copy of the payment order (original) and a power of attorney (for drawing up a consignment note). TNLA / ND can be sent by mail
  • 02.
    Update of the customer's TNPA fund
    The service of updating TNLA / ND includes: checking the validity and relevance of the content of the TNLA / ND of the customer, entering missing information (changes, amendments, extending the validity period, cancellation and replacement), issuing a certificate to the customer indicating the bibliographic data of the standard, putting a mark on the update, indicating date of verification and signature of the engineer.

    To perform the service, the customer draws up an application for the relevant work, delivers his TNLA / ND to the standardization department, where the department engineer conducts the corresponding work on verification and updating.

    We recommend that you do it once a year!

    An individual approach to each client, we carry out work with high quality and in the desired time frame, the work is performed by specialists with specialized education, work experience in the field of standardization for more than 8 years, as well as ongoing refresher courses!
  • 03.
    Information services - subscription service (Subscriber of the fund)
    Includes the creation of the Customer's card index in the software module "Subscriber NF TNLA".

    Every month, changes in the state of the fund of documents are checked (replacement, cancellation, amendments and amendments to TNLA / ND, etc.) and a certificate "Subscriber of the fund" is sent to the customer.
  • Service delivery options:
    • issuance of a monthly certificate on the state of the TNLA / ND fund ("Subscriber of the fund") with the Newsletter * according to the corresponding monthly information index
    • issuance of a monthly certificate of the state of the TNLA / ND fund ("Subscriber of the fund") without the Newsletter according to the corresponding monthly information index
    • certificate "Subscriber of the Fund" per month
    • The newsletter contains monthly information on the entry into force of TNLA / ND, replacement and cancellation of TNLA / ND, introduced changes and amendments, etc.
  • Information service using the "Subscriber of the Fund" function will allow your company to reduce the time spent on maintaining and keep the TNLA / ND fund up to date.

    To receive a new service, you need to send an application with a request to set up your enterprise for information services with the "Subscriber of the Fund" function.
    • a thematic selection of TNLA / ND on the topic of interest to the customer (if the customer does not know the numbers of the required TNLA / ND, then the application specifies the types of products, services, etc., and the fund's specialists will make a selection of the necessary TNLA / ND)
    • provision of advisory and methodological assistance on the formation and maintenance of the TNLA / ND fund with the issuance of a certificate
    • production of a register of TNLA / ND
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