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The department provides the following services:
  • 01.
    The scope of accreditation allows testing for the following types of quality and safety:
    • Salts of heavy metals and toxic elements cadmium, arsenic, mercury, lead;
    • Minerals and trace elements iron, copper, zinc;
    • Antibiotics chloramphenicol, tetracycline, streptomycin, penicillin, bacitracin), nitrofurans, metronidazole, fluoroquinolones;
    • Mycotoxins aflatoxins M1 and B1, patulin, zearalenone, deoxynivalenol, T-2 toxin, ochratoxin A); histamine;
    • Pesticide chlorine;
    • Specific (volumetric) activity of radionuclides (cesium-137 and strontium-90) in food and agricultural products, raw materials, feed;
    • Protein, fat, starch phosphorus and phosphatase in meat products;
    • Protein in dairy products by the Kjeldahl method;
    • Nitrogen (protein) in compound feed and raw materials;
    • Nitrates and nitrites;
    • Specific activity of natural radionuclides in building materials and products, glass and crystal products, dishes and sanitary ware made of porcelain and ceramics;
    • Specific activity of radionuclides (cesium-137) in wood, products from wood and wood materials, medicinal and technical raw materials;
    • Staphylococcal enterotoxins in cheeses and cheese products;
    • Melamine in milk and dairy products;
    • Benz(a)pyrene in smoked meat and dairy products;
    • Preservatives benzoic, sorbic acids.
  • When conducting tests, the following methods are used:
    • organoleptic;
    • photometric;
    • physicochemical;
    • photocolorimetric;
    • microbiological;
    • radiometric;
    • atomic emission;
    • spectrometric.
    • chromatographic (gas);
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