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    The department provides the following metrological services:
  • 01.
    Verification, calibration of measuring instruments, certification of test equipment:
    • Information-measuring and control systems systems and complexes for measuring the flow rate of gas, steam, water, heat and electric energy; measuring channels of automated control systems for technological processes;
    • Measurement of flow and quantity of liquids and gases water meters, heat meters, liquid and gas flow meters, performing calculations of restriction devices, draft gauges, level gauges, differential meters, measuring transducers;
    • Measurements of motion parameters tachometers, installations for checking speedometers;
    • Optical and optical-physical measurements refractometers, spectrophotometers, photometers, spectrometers, photoelectrocalorimeters, fluid analyzer "Fluorat";
    • Physicochemical measurements analyzers of the composition and properties of substances, devices for determining the content CO2, CO, CH4, N2, O2, CH, H2S, NH3, C3H8, psychrometers, chromatographs, pH meters complete with electrodes, ion meters, nitrate meters, milk quality analyzers, devices for determining the flash point of oil and oil products, analyzers sulfur in oil and oil products, simulators, polarographs and mercury analyzers, titrators;
    • Pressure and vacuum measurements deadweight, exemplary, digital, electrocontact, oxygen, technical, micromanometers with an inclined tube, manovacuum meters, differential pressure gauges, sphygmomanometers; control, exemplary, technical vacuum gauges; pressure transducers; pressure calibrators;
    • Electrical measurements ammeters, voltmeters, ammeter voltmeters, analog and digital wattmeters, multimeters, current-measuring clamps, potenzometers, DC bridges, universal measuring instruments; ohmmeters, megohmmeters, resistance stores, earth resistance meters, measuring converters, active and reactive energy meters, installations U 358, U 309, current transformers, normal elements, calibrators, power supplies;
    • Measurements of temperature and thermophysical quantities manometric thermometers, glass, liquid, resistance thermocouples, converted thermoelectric, ratiometers, millivoltmeters, bridges, automatic potentiometers, meters and regulators temperatures, temperature calibrators, heat and cold chambers, thermometric kits for the certification of heat chambers and cold, incubator thermostats;
    • Time and frequency measurements, radio engineering quantities electric stopwatches, automated time-based accounting systems for the cost of telephone calls, electrical complexes of equipment for call centers, frequency meters.
  • 02. Maintenance and repair
    the following measuring instruments:
    • control, technical, electrocontact, oxygen manometers;
    • blood pressure monitors;
    • devices for measuring the concentration of alcohol vapor in exhaled air;
    • electricity meters;
Instrument readiness
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