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Certification bodyproducts and services

The body for certification of products and services is accredited in the National.
Accreditation certificate BY / 112 017.01, valid until 03/12/2027.
  • The authorized capital and working capital of the RUE "Polotsk CSMS", of which the certification body is a part, are a guaranteed reserve to cover obligations arising in the course of the body's activities for certification of products and services.
  • Funding of the certification body is carried out at the expense of funds received from the applicant organizations
    under contracts as payment for the certification of products, works and services, for the registration of declarations of conformity of products, for the performance of scheduled (unscheduled) periodic assessments of certified products and services.
  • The certification body enters into a legally binding agreement with the applicant organization for the performance of work to confirm the conformity of products, works and services, which establishes the applicant's responsibility and the certification body in the course of work on conformity confirmation.
  • The cost of work to confirm the conformity of products, works and services is determined depending on the type of work carried out and the range of products / services declared on the basis of labor intensity norms and the price list approved in the prescribed manner.
  • Depending on the certification scheme, a certification agreement is concluded with the applicant, which describes the rights and obligations of the owner of the certificate of conformity, including those concerning the use of the name of the certification body and the mark of conformity, as well as the ways of mentioning the certificate of conformity.
Additional Information
Information on the issuance, suspension or cancellation of documents on product conformity assessment
and services by the certification body is publicly available and hosted on: