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Mon-Fri 8.00-12.00, 12.30-16.30
211440, Novopolotsk Zavodskoy passage, 32


The department provides the following metrological services :
  • 01. Calibration and calibration of measuring instruments:
    • Geometric quantities
      measuring rulers and tape measures; bar tool; folding metal and wooden meters; micrometers with adjusting measures, nutrometers indicator and micrometric; protractors; probes; metro sticks; indicators hourly type; gluten strain gauges; wall gauges and indicator thickness gauges; instruments for determining the number of falls PPP-3; rails road universal "Andor"; leveling rails; construction levels
    • Mass
      electronic scales of all types and purposes; scales car, automobile, platform, desktop, medical, postal, mechanical, laboratory, etc .; weight batchers automatic and semi-automatic; weights of classes F1, F2, M1, M2, M3 weighing up to 20 kg
    • Strength and hardness
      breaking machines and hydraulic presses; appliances for hardness measurement by Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell methods
    • Motion parameters
      automobile and motorcycle speedometers; automobile electronic taximeters
    • Consumption of liquids and gases
      tank trucks; metal measuring instruments and technical; verification and calibration geometric and volumetric by methods of steel tanks; fuel dispensers, including number for liquefied gases; pipette dispensers; diaphragm
    • Time and frequency
      mechanical stopwatches, etc..
    • Information-measuring and control systems
      automated vacation systems petroleum products
  • 02. Certification of test equipment:
    • Sieve laboratory;
    • Appliance "Vika" and others;
    • Forms for the manufacture of control samples;
    • Vessels for soaking;
    • Densitometer dynamic;
    • Vessels dimensional;
    • PGR device;
    • Templates and fixtures.
    • Reiki control and road universal of various types;
  • 03. Maintenance and repair:
    • Table dial scales
      table dial scales (0.02 - 20 kg), medium accuracy class of models VNTs-2, VNTs-10, VTN-2, VTN-5, VTN-10, RN-10Ts13U, RN-3Ts13U, RN-20Ts13, RN-6Ts13U;
    • Table weights
      (0.02 - 20 kg), normal accuracy class of models VNO-5, VNO-10, VNO-20;
    • Medical and postal scales
      (2.5 - 150 kg), medium accuracy class models RP-50, RP-150, VM-150;
    • Scales platform mobile
      (4 - 1000 kg);
    • Electronic middle class scales
      accuracy up to 1000kg of all modifications;
    • Kettlebell
      accuracy classes F1, M1, M2, M3;
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