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On May 23, 2022, as part of the events dedicated to the World Metrology Day, the action "Verification in 1 day" will be held at RUE "Polotsk CSMS". During the campaign, for those who want to check the measuring instruments on the day of application, the verification will be carried out without charging an additional fee for the urgency of the work.

The promotion applies to the following types of measuring instruments (hereinafter referred to as SI):

- SI of geometric quantities (rulers, tape measures, wooden meters, calipers);

- SI masses (trade electronic scales);

- measuring instruments for pressure and vacuum (pressure gauges, tonometers);

- SI of motion parameters (vehicle speedometers);

- measuring instruments for the flow rate of the amount of liquids and gases (standard measuring gauges);

- SI of physical and chemical quantities (pH-meters, breathalyzers, hygrometers VIT);

- SI temperature (thermometers of all types);

- SI of electrical quantities (multimeters, megaohmmeters, electricity meters, current transformers).

Terms and conditions:

- presence of a measuring instrument in the State Register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Belarus;

- payment for verification works is made on the day of the action;

- issuance of measuring instruments is carried out in the presence of confirmation of payment, as well as a power of attorney or seal.

Location of the action:

RUE "Polotsk CSMS"

Novopolotsk, Zavodskoy passage, 32.

The acceptance of measuring instruments will be carried out by the Bureau of acceptance and issuance of instruments (1st floor, room 21) from 8:30 to 14:00 (break from 12:00 to 13:00)

Additional information on verified measuring instruments, conditions of the action and other questions can be obtained by phone:

Department of mechanical and linear-angular measurements

+ 375 (29) 899 97 07

8 (0214) 51 98 47

Department of Electromagnetic and Thermal Engineering Measurements

+ 375 (33) 337 18 08

8 (0214) 51 98 27

Bureau of acceptance and issuance of instruments

+ 375 (33) 648 18 11

8 (0214) 51 98 75

Preliminary application by the specified phones is welcomed!!!

We are waiting for you on Monday, May 23, 2022.