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Metrological audit

RUE "Polotsk CSMS" conducts a metrological audit for enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership.

Metrological audit is carried out in accordance with the Resolution of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus No. 37 dated April 19, 2021 "On Approval of the Rules for conducting metrological audit".

During the metrological audit, an analysis of activities aimed at achieving and maintaining the measurement condition is carried out, in which the results of these measurements are expressed in units of quantities approved for use in the Republic of Belarus, metrological traceability is ensured, and measurement accuracy indicators do not exceed the established boundaries with a given probability in accordance with the requirements of legislation on ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the production of products, performance of works and (or) provision of services.

Principles of metrological audit:


professional competence of persons conducting metrological audit;

ensuring the confidentiality of information obtained during the metrological audit, as well as its results.

Objectives of metrological audit:

assessment of measurement status and laboratory competence;

improving and maintaining the functioning of the metrological support system of production;

organization of metrological assessment of measuring instruments.

The objects of metrological audit can be:

measurement management systems;


measuring equipment;

metrological confirmation of suitability;

metrological traceability;

technical documentation regarding the metrological requirements contained therein;

quality management system documents on measurement management;

measurement techniques (methods);

software and hardware used in measurements;

conditions required to perform measurements;

other objects, the need for the analysis of ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the production of products, the performance of works and (or) the provision of services of which is determined by the applicant.

Metrological audit is carried out on a contractual basis at the request of the enterprise, to the extent and according to the program agreed with the applicant. Based on the results of the metrological audit, a report is drawn up and recommendations are issued to eliminate deficiencies in ensuring the uniformity of measurements and (or) proposals for improving the measurement management system.